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The Value of Giving

the value of giving

On a cold day in December in the early eighties, my dad saw a man walking down the highway carrying an old sewing machine. My dad stopped and offered the man a ride. As the miles passed, the man shared that he had taken his late wife’s sewing machine into town for repairs because he needed to mend his young son’s clothes. It was apparent the man was facing some very difficult times.

He said his son wanted a BB gun for Christmas, but he could not afford it. As he often did, my father offered to help. The next week my mom and I accompanied my dad to a small home in need of repairs on the outskirts of town. I will never forget the joy of that little boy as we unloaded gifts of clothes, toys and food. No sooner than he had opened his much-anticipated BB gun, the boy turned and ran to his room asking us to wait. He came back with a gift that he presented to my mom.  [Continue reading]

Connecting Families to Vital Support

family in NICU

Ask any NICU parent and they will tell you that having a baby in the NICU changes you. Some of us measure our lives as "pre-NICU" and "post-NICU." Others, like myself, started our parenting journey in the NICU, not getting the opportunity to … [Continue reading]

Give Me Back my Gratitude

kissing baby

With Thanksgiving just in my rearview mirror, I find myself thinking about what gratitude means to me.  The pilgrims were especially grateful because of the limited resources available to them the previous year, and because many had lost their lives … [Continue reading]

Gaining a Better Understanding of GERD


We were at the height of dealing with my son's acid reflux when his speech therapist said to me, "It's a monster." Acid reflux is a monster. That describes it perfectly. It's constantly lurking after a meal ready and waiting to attack. Before its … [Continue reading]

Prematurity Awareness: What It Really Means

prematurity awareness, world prematurity day, NICU, Hand to Hold

When Prematurity Awareness Day rolls around each year, I think, "Yes, I am extremely aware of prematurity." If you've delivered a baby prior to its due date, chances are you're highly aware of it too. Our friends and family are aware. Most people we … [Continue reading]