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{Professional Insight} Returning to Work After Having a Preemie

A similar version of this post was originally published in March of 2014.

I’ve always been career driven, knowing since I was a child that I would someday be a television news anchor. Yet people often told me, “Your priorities will change once you have kids.” I didn’t believe them. I absolutely love my job, sharing the news of the day to thousands of people in Illinois. But three years ago, my life became news. I was pregnant with triplets, which is quite hard to hide on TV. Well into my second trimester, I began to face complications, landing myself on hospital bed rest. At 22 weeks and 6 days, I delivered my trio, more than 17 weeks premature. My daughter Abigail lived for only two hours. Her brother Parker lived for two months. Her identical sister, Peyton, is our lone survivor.

Parker & Peyton in the NICU. Photo courtesy of Jim Grimaldi Photography.

Parker & Peyton in the NICU. Photo courtesy of Jim Grimaldi Photography.

You never plan on having a preemie. Sure, I knew my triplet pregnancy was high risk, but I didn’t expect for my children to weigh barely a pound. I didn’t expect them to face an uphill battle, from intestinal surgery to heart complications and lung collapses. I didn’t expect to watch my son die in my arms, and I definitely didn’t expect that I would only bring one child home, not three. While my husband and I grieved over Parker and Abby, our lone survivor was proving every statistic wrong. This micro-preemie was small in size, but had a big diva personality, surprising every doctor and nurse with her will to survive. After 4 months in the Nicu, Peyton came home, complete with oxygen and a monitor. For a child born so young, it’s surprising that she didn’t face more complications.  But week by week, she jumped over every hurdle, acting like a typical baby… just petite in size.

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