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Baby Shower Blues

The day before I delivered my preemie at 29 weeks, via emergency c-section, I was at work, feeling exhausted and uncomfortably swollen. I also had nagging headache that would only get progressively worse throughout the next 24 hours. However, despite my increasing physical discomfort, I was joking with my co-workers over the story they were telling me about the last person they planned a baby shower for. Apparently, that mom had the nerve to have the baby before the shower. Imagine that! We all laughed and laughed. [Continue reading]

Supporter Spotlight

Karen Saunders, Bambinos boutique, Hand to Hold supporters

Hand to Hold is fortunate to have so many wonderful supporters to help spread our mission of providing support to NICU families. Today we're highlighting three special people who have generously supported us in the last few months through their … [Continue reading]

How A Random Act Of Kindness Help Us Through Our NICU Journey

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It was typical morning in the NICU, a place that felt like home after months of daily visits. As I sat watching my daughter sleep, a nurse walked up to me with a package in hand. It was addressed to Peyton, my lone surviving triplet. I quickly opened … [Continue reading]

112 Miles for 112 Days in the NICU

Kelli Kelley Team Hand to Hold

Lord help me, I hate to run! Seriously, I really want to be a runner! I want one of those cool 26.2 car window decals. I want to experience that runner's high people keep telling me about. I set a goal to run 112 miles in one month in honor of my … [Continue reading]

Tiny Addicts: How America’s Opioid Crisis Affects Babies

opioid crisis pills babies born addicted neonatal abstinence syndrome

Every 25 minutes the world's tiniest and most vulnerable souls, just hours old, are victims of a vastly growing opioid epidemic. The second the cord is cut, separating a mother from child, the tough road begins. Born addicts against their will, they … [Continue reading]